As a reader, I've always been interested in the craft of writing, but I've found publishing to be a tricky road to navigate. My journey has been an unusual one. 

I started seriously writing when I took a class hosted by local author Jeff Belanger probably around 2010. I will be forever thankful for that spark of inspiration (at least on my good days), and that class is the reason that I help lead a writer's workshop at my local library. I think everyone has a story in them, and beginning to write and share that story can be really scary.  Without someone to hold my hand and encourage me, I don't know if I could have done it.

My first books will never see the light of day. That probably sounds discouraging, but they helped me practice and hone my craft. My next series, a dystopian YA called Andromeda, was picked up by a small press, Limitless Publishing, in 2015. I went on to self-publish my YA science fiction, Gen One. In the mean time, I had an agent, but that didn't work out and we parted ways with no hard feelings.

I've been working on my most recent series for a long time. I would pick it up and tinker with it, then put it back down. It wasn't until I found the Camelot connection that it really took off. I'm so thankful I found a publisher in Aethon Books, who have been great to work with.

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