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You're most welcome in my little corner of the web. It's a home base for everything important to me - and that includes a space for my friends, family, and readers. Make yourself at home! What a long journey it's been so far, and it's not over yet!

You'll find my published works on the first tab because creativity is so important to me. As important as breathing, in fact. I have seven published works in the YA science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian genres, but there are still a lot of stories in my head in all different genres! I'm also a huge reader. Some of my favorites lately include Grady Hendrix, Jasper Fforde, and Neil Gaiman. I'm always open to new recommendations. Drop me a message with them, you can find my links below.

While I'm always working on my fiction, lately I've been super focused on my blog - the Adventurous Introvert. The title sums me up pretty neatly in two little words. I've been blogging mostly about mental health. Maybe you'll find some inspiration there or at least see that you're not alone. As part of my mental health journey, I've begun using essential oils. I love them so much I've been holding classes and trying to get out of my introvert bubble to promote more online. It's a work in progress, as am I.

In addition to those things, I'm also the mom of 3 beautiful kids who are almost grown up now. I raised them on the Harry Potter series, and I'm a total Hufflepuff.  I love personality tests, and according to Myers Briggs, I'm the biggest INFP you'll ever meet!

Other things about me: enneagram 4w5, people watcher. reluctant optimist. dog and cat mom. empath. dreamer.  neutral good. SPN fandom. trekkie. whovian. coffee addict. broadway junkie. hairband. 

You can find me online at:

Email: abartelloni@gmail.com

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/amycip

​Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/amycip

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